Workshop 2017

《身體話語》舞蹈工作坊  導師:黃筱淇 Jacqueline Vong


By sharing a series of body rhythmic training, the workshop incorporates exercises such as warm-up, concentration and body development, then transfers to the creative part of the improvisation practices in order to connect body, mind and space to make dancing blending into space diversely, so as to look for a rhythmic dialogue between body and space, making body movements imaginative and personal.

《現代舞技術與即興》 導師:肖智仁



Technical Class –
Focus on the extension of the muscles and lines of the limbs when changing the center of gravity, trying to find a larger extension space of the body, achieving the expansion of the whole body energy, allowing the bones and muscles of the whole body to be united, and completing a series of limb movements for training purposes.

Improvisation class –
Focus on the use of various current behaviors to diversify the thinking, finding more possibilities of the body accurately, and using the current intention to cross-train the body, time, space, strength, etc., feeling what is the motivation for improvisation . Thereby digging and refining to find out the actual concept and own language of improvisation.