舞蹈工作坊+編舞工作坊+“Wanderlust”展演 Dance Workshop + Choreography Workshop + “Wanderlust” Performance

short workshop choreography Macau 2016

2014及2015年紫羅蘭邀請到來自丹麥的編舞家Jens Bjerregaard來澳主持舞蹈工作坊,與經驗舞者及對舞蹈有基本認識的朋友分享了一套自我創造舞動素材的方法,運用易懂及細緻的肢體練習為基礎,探索及擴闊思考推動肢體動作,領會舞蹈的形式及自由。喜見參與者在Jens的工作坊中得到不少啓發,因此,本年度紫羅蘭與Jens將展開進一步合作,於7月26日至8月6日期間進行為期10天共两階段的舞蹈工作坊“力量與調整”及以“Wanderlust”為主題的編舞創作坊,並於8月7日進行展演,將Jens帶領創作的編舞作品“Wanderlust”呈現。

Violet invited Danish choreographer Jens Bjerregaard to lead two dance workshops in Macau in 2014 and 2015, shared with experienced dancers, as well as dance novices, a series of tools to create their own movement material, used improvisational exploration based on clear and precise movement exercises, explored and expanded thinking behind movement, in order to create an understanding of structure and freedom in dance. Glad to see participants got inspirations from the workshops, therefore, Violet and Jens are going to carry out further collaboration this year, to execute one dance workshop “Strength and Alignment” and one choreography workshop “Wanderlust” in two stages for 10 days between July 26 and August 6, and furthermore choreography “Wanderlust” directed by Jens will be performed on August 7.


Organized by Violet Dance Association
Sponsored by IC

第一階段舞蹈工作坊 - 力量與調整 (身體調節課)

日期:7月26 -28日 (星期二-四)


First Stage Dance Workshop – Strength and Alignment (Body Conditioning Class)
Bjerregaard has been training dancers for years, and has realized that professionals and non-professionals run into the same obstacles due to dysfunctional strength and unhealthy body alignment. Developing your core strength is like giving yourself a body makeover: it goes beyond the surface muscles and asks a balanced development of the deep internal ones that stabilize, align and stretch the body. Simple exercises, inspired from Contemporary Dance techniques, Pilates and Yoga, will release the tension that the body retains and allow a smooth functioning of all the joints for a healthy, pain-free posture and for increased stability in motion.

*Participants may choose to take part in the first stage of workshop only.

Date: July 26 – 28 (Tuesday – Thursday)
Time: 19:30-22:30
Location: Violet Dance Association
Fee: MOP400

第二階段編舞創作坊 (參與者須已參與第一階段工作坊)

主題: “Wanderlust”


靈感:我們當中有些人擁有一個探索世界的強烈渴望或衝動,不是每個人都有這種願望和勇氣,但對一些人來說這是一個不能停止的強烈願望,原因可能是因為你所在的城市缺乏前景和未來又或只是想改變和得到滿足的簡單需求。創作坊以 “Wanderlust” 為編創題材,一起去探索這個渴望。

日期:8月2- 6日 (星期二至六)
時間:19:30-22:30 (8月6日下午15:00-18:00及19:30-22:30)
費用:第一階段及第二階段工作坊 MOP1000

Second Stage Choreography Workshop (Participants are required to complete the first stage of workshop)

Title: “Wanderlust”

Definition of the word Wanderlust: A very strong longing or irresistible impulse to travel and explore the world.

Inspiration: Some of us have a strong desire or urge to set out and explore the world – not everyone has this desire or courage but for some it’s a burning desire that cannot be stopped. The reasons can be many: lack of outlook and future where you are can be the motivation or just the simple need for change and fulfillment. The performance Wanderlust will sets out to explore this desire.

Date: August 2 – 6 (Tuesday – Saturday)
Time: 19:30-22:30 (August 6, 15:00-18:00 & 19:30-22:30)
Location: Violet Dance Association
Fee: First stage and second stage of workshops MOP1000

編舞作品 “Wanderlust” 展演
日期:8月7日 (星期日)

* 獲選參與展演之參與者,可獲9折優惠參與第一及第二階段工作坊。

Choreography “Wanderlust” Performance
Date: August 7 (Sunday)
Time: 20:00
Location: TBC

* Selected participants for performance will receive 10% discount to participate in the first and second stage of workshops.

報名及查詢:請Whatsapp/SMS至66667696或Inbox至 紫羅蘭FB專頁

For application and inquiry please send a whatsapp/SMS message to 66667696 or send an inbox message to Violet’s FB page.

Jens Bjerregaard / Aurora Borealis
Trained in at the Laban Centre (UK), Bjerregaard has been active in dance since 1992 and established in 1998, the award-winning ensemble Urban Elves. In 2005, Bjerregaard founded Mancopy and quickly developed an unconventional structure welcoming collaborations with artists from all over the world. In 2007, he founded Archauz, the first Choreographic Centre in Denmark, where he curated festivals, organized international choreography competitions and created outreach programs. He has also been choreographing for companies, curating and creating professional opportunities for young artists and been jury member on several international competitions. For the past 5 years, Bjerregaard has been spending time in the Middle East, performing, teaching, and creating projects. He is currently choreographer on “So you think you can dance” TV Show, in its first edition in the Arab World. As an artist Bjerregaard practice dance as an abstract, transcendent form of expression. He has persistently followed his own choreographic direction. His style is spellbinding and displays a certain ‘Scandinavian feel’, based on a consciousness of form and visual design.
Jens Bjerregaard/Aurora Borealis was established in early 2015 and serves as a platform for the artistic work and international collaborations of Danish choreographer Jens Bjerregaard.

紫羅蘭舞蹈團 Violet Dance Association
Jens Bjerregaard /Aurora Borealis

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